Shopping Online Has Never Been More Easy or Cheaper

Most of us love a bargain and those of us that like to shop online, which according to most statistics is a growing number of us, have never had it so good. As much as you will see in the local press about how tourism from the traditional markets has been shrinking due to the strong baht very little has been reported about the opposite, yet more beneficial effect a strong baht brings, Namely, that goods from overseas become cheaper in baht.

A few years ago, when online shopping was in its infancy you would be amongst the majority if you did not feel safe or confident about buying overseas. 

"Would my money be safe? Would I get the goods I paid for? A whole host of such fears."

Today, the online shopping market has grown to the point whereby, very soon, online sales will overtake the sale through traditional bricks and mortar stores. We have the methods of paying through the availability of credit/debit cards, e-wallets, direct bank transfers or platforms like PayPal. In Asia, where payment systems were a little behind until just a very short time ago, it is even possible [and popular] to pay-on-delivery. A system that works very well here in Thailand.

With the strong Thai Baht going from strength to strength and under-reported benefit for us earning baht is the cost of items has actually come down by as much as 16% over the last few years [$1: THB36 down to $1: THB31]. That means that an item that was $100 had you shelling out THB3,600 before but a mear THB3,100 now. 

That is a big difference. 

Now when you add in using Jaidee App with up to 9% discount in play [of which 50% comes back to you] means that the cashback/donation is THB 139.50. Now imagine you do that once a month; that means if you donate it all you will have raised for charity THB1,674.00 in one year from online purchases alone. So over a year you have saved THB6,000 [THB500 x 12 months] and raised THB1,674 for charity. 

Now to look at Jaidee App for a moment, we should look at the money raised for good causes by one individual on their online shopping is multiplied by the number of members we will have by the end of this year [our projections show we should have 32,000 members] and good cause has an additional THB53,568,000 that it didn't have before Jaidee App. 

The principles of Jaidee App are to help many people to save money and to raising lots of little donations through the actions of our members, shopping; bringing exposure to our merchant partners and putting a spotlight on to our partners. Three roles that we do through our phone app. 

Our biggest dream is that our charity partners work with us to bring their supporters into the Jaidee network and help them gain some form of sustainable funding. Working with our merchant partners to bring them more customers and introduce them to our members.

If you are not yet a member you can learn more and download from here

If you are a member, please share this with your friends and ask them to join Jaidee App and give back to a cause they feel strongly about without having to take a penny out of their pocket.

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