About Us

          Our mission is to offer members the opportunity to save money and/or donate to charity with every purchase they make. To offer our merchants access to our ever-growing network of shoppers with a conscience and the opportunity to donate to charity some of their hard-earned profits from the extra business our network brings them. To raise money and awareness for our charity partners and their good causes.

Our story

         JaiDee App has been developed out of many years of marketing and discount experience. We started with the mission to find a way for our members to Shop...Save...Help...

There has never been a greater need for communities to come together and solve some of the major issues affecting us all. We see children who are left alone through circumstances beyond their control. We see animals still being neglected or treated in a cruel manner. We see through financial hardship the elderly and the young going without the basic support we would all like to have for our parents or our children. We have a planet whose environment and ecosystem needs protecting from human greed and neglect.

We know deep down, in just about everybody, a fundemental need to help those that are not in a position to help themselves. When asked, the vast majority of respondents replied that if they were in a position to help others financially, they would.

We looked at this Global problem and sought a solution.

We knew that everybody shopped.
We knew everybody would like a saving on the list price when they shopped.
We knew that if we could generate a donation out of the saving our members would get satisfaction out of the act of giving.
We knew that some people have financial difficulties and would need to use that saving for their own use.

From these findings we wanted to create a way for people to shop online and get a saving when they used our website as a portal to the retailer. We created JaiDee Apps website for this purpose - www.jaideeapp.com .

We also wanted that our members had an option when they were shopping local. We created the JaiDee App on Android and IOS for our members to download.

Now they can shop local and help build the community they live and shop within. Local merchants need the support of their local community. Local merchants are mothers and fathers of the children our kids go to school with. They are people we eat and drink with and socialise with. Without our support the local merchants would not survive and we and all of your community would have less local options.

Supporting your local merchants through JaiDee App will put money back into your community and WILL improve the lives of all community residents, whatever their financial position.

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