Join us as a sales agent and generate your passive income

It‘s as simple as that: our business is to get companies and businesses to take part in our mission. Which is, that these companies and businesses give us discounts. And part of these discounts go to charity. Of course not all of it, but a lot of it. You get a share of it for your work, and we get some of it to keep our business running. You can‘t work for free, nor can we. But to show you, this is basically how it works, here is an example:

A JaideeApp member will look on the JaideeApp's search page and find a local business he wants to visit. The JaideeApp is GPS driven and will not only show you on Google maps where you are and where the merchant you wish to visit is but will give you detailed directions, via google maps, to get you there. The member arrives at the restaurant, guest house travel agent or whichever merchant in the JaideeApp network.

When it comes time to pay, the member just has to show the JaideeApp on his smartphone, the cashier then enters the full amount of the bill,: then scans the QR- Code and it‘s done. The transaction is recorded on the JaideeApp. The member pays the full amount of the bill, which they would have paid anyway, and the agreed discount stays with the merchant.

The merchant receives an invoice on the first of every month with all JaideeApp transactions recorded from the previous month. All commissions and donations will be cleared after the merchant clears his invoice.

The customers has the choice on where their donation will go to. If it‘s Cats and Dogs Rescue, the Foundation for underprivileged children, paying for school uniforms or books, for a reforestation project … Right now there are already over 300 (registered and Government approved!) charities in Thailand, that the members can choose from.

We have already signed up about 80% of all relevant Online Shops in Thailand – the major ones are companies such as Etihad, Airbnb, Alibaba, Shoppee, Europcar, Lazarda and many other major brands … All of them are working with us and believe in JaideeApp.

So, with almost all Online Shops covered, now we want to get local businesses to take part. A  local restaurant, a bar, a diving school etc. As we have found out, they love the idea, because the donated money goes directly into their neighborhood. Not into a global charity where you never know what happens to your donation. No, they can see now that the animal shelter around the corner is buying food and paying the Vet with it. Customers that use the App will regularly be informed about what happens with their donation.

What‘s in it for the businesses? Well, it is free of charge to join,  they get massive promotion – and new customers. And they do something good for their community. Without doing anything much, other than offering a discount and scanning the QR Code of the App.

Your job would be:  

  • Travel Thailand (Cambodia and Vietnam are coming in a few weeks)
  • You will be provided with an Agent application & where applicable all legal documentation provided [contracts, work permits, etc] to successful applicants.
  • Visit shops and businesses and speak to the owner
  • Show them the JaideeApp on your phone and tell them about the benefits  
  • Download the app with them and register them as a merchant on the app and agree to a discount offered
  • Tell friends and others about it and register them also as members.

That‘s it

And what‘s in it for you?  

  • Once you signed up a business or member to take part in this project you will get 10% of the discount offered which we transfer to your local bank account (or Paypal, etc..)
  • This is paid to you whenever someone uses the App in that business you registered!
  • So, if you sign up, for example, 25 businesses a week, 100 in a month you will get your share from all the sales that are generated there – without doing anything other than say an occasional hello!  ***
  • That‘s 1200 businesses in a year  
  • Calculate with a daily spending via the App of about 500 Baht (ca. 12 Euro) in each business; that makes 50-baht (1,20 Euro) of discount, of which you get 5-baht (0.12 Euro) Agent Commission.
  • Now multiply that by 1200 …  
  • Daily …  

And then you also get 10% every time the JaideeApp is used by someone you gave the JaideeApp to ...

 It‘s up to you on how many partners you get for JaideeApp. Just think about it as a passive income you don‘t have to work hard for after you signed up the businesses.

*** Now, one question that might be creeping in just about now is

“Hmmm, so, I have to stay in this part of Thailand all the time?”

The answer is no of course not.

When we say your job will be to occasionally meet with the merchants and have a chat with them (customer care and customer relationship is very important to us), that does not mean you have to stay there forever. No. If you want to move on, let's say: from north to south of Thailand and live and work there, or even to Cambodia or Vietnam: fine! Because there will be merchants that take part in the JaideeApp there as well. 

Then visit them. It doesn't matter to us if these merchants were signed up by someone else. And that will happen the other way around: DN's that are then at the places you have been to, visit the merchants that you signed up. We will add a calendar function that is connected by GPS - for you. There you can see who in your area is a merchant and should be visited and when, for a chat. Easy. So, don't worry, you can keep your lifestyle of travelling and working. You are not bound to one location.

And most of all, that‘s why we started all this:

You do good. You help charity organizations to help others.

Okay, now what to do?

Just fill out the form below. Just a few things, name, E-Mail, Languages and so. Then we will get in contact with you and arrange a Skype-Interview. Don‘t worry, it’s hassle -free … We just want to speak with you for a few minutes.

No not a 1-hour-interview. If we get to work together, you then set up a profile in our database – harmless, a picture of you, some more information about when you will be where, etc. and of course the payment method - where do we pay you? You can choose if it's directly into your local bank account, PayPal or other selected gateway.  And off you go …

And before you ask yourself, if there is a catch:

Our fully integrated and open backend allows you to check daily, hourly, and even every minute what is in your account, what business made how much, how much you will get etc. It is all completely monitored and transparent for you. No bullshit, no catch. Our company is fully legal and registered and approved by the Thai Government. And if you look at the Online Shops that work with us and accept the JaideeApp you will see: these companies would never work if we were not completely above board.

We are not specifically looking for people with years of sales and distribution experience and a proven track record, although that would be nice. No..... We want to work with open-minded people. With people that can put on a smile and talk with other people. With people who believe in what we are doing, that want to help us, to help other people, to support charities. If you want to get rich, well … But if you want to do good and make some passive income by doing that, and if you put in some effort (we do a lot ...), you are perfect. And don‘t worry, we will also give you access to a closed chat group where you can share your experiences with other sales agents, giving each other hints and tips etc., so that you can communicate with each other and help each other. Sooo:

Join us. We would like to welcome you.

Click here to apply to join us now - Apply Now

Just fill it out [which also registers you as a member] and we will get in contact with you. Please allow us some time; a few hours or even days to get back to you – we are a small company …

 Then we arrange the Skype-Interview.

How does that sound to you?

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