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Selling used items is one of the easiest ways to make quick cash. I personally have moved home at least once a year on average over the past 10 years, so I declutter and sell goods a few times per year using web-based and in-person options.

Over the past few years, there’s been a huge rise in websites and apps for selling used goods. Japan has a thriving pre-owned market as they strongly believe in recycling items. Not so much here in Thailand, until now that is. SE Asia's fasting growing marketplace site and App is just being launched by the shopping and donation company, Jaidee Services.

Jaidee App stands out from other apps because it combines online listings with in-person sales. This platform has a great reputation, but you should definitely learn about how to use it before diving in.

In this Jaidee App Marketplace overview, I’ve covered everything you need to know. Read on to discover how you can quickly make money using this app.


How Does Jaidee App Marketplace Work?

Jaidee App Marketplace is a mobile app that lets users buy and sell items where they are located. At a glance, Jaidee App comes across as a sleek, modern and more convenient alternative.

You can list items for sale in mere seconds, so making money from used items is easier than ever. Jaidee App is available for Android and I Phone users too. Download the App today and join our mission. DOWNLOAD NOW - CLICK HERE

Jaidee App Marketplace Summary

The Jaidee App has plenty of great features that will make your life easier when trying to move those items out of your garage and cash into your pocket.

Jaidee App Marketplace Pros:

  • The Jaidee App is 100% free to users.
  • Jaidee App does not currently charge users any sellers fees – you get every penny.
  • You can negotiate prices to increase your chances of selling.
  • You get to choose the form of payment you receive.
  • Your selling market is not restricted to your location but as it is GPS driven the closer offers will appear first.
  • Easy to locate sellers as their position is GPS located and they can send you a Google map with their position marked and you can get directions to the meeting point.

Most people have commented on how rare it is to find an online selling platform that doesn’t charge fees to everyone. Jaidee App Marketplace clearly has an excellent growing reputation among users. Near the end of this post, you’ll find a section titled Quick Tips For Using Jaidee App Marketplace. This may help you in trying out the app.

How To Sign Up For Jaidee App Marketplace

Signing up for Jaidee App Marketplace is easy and quick. I tried it myself, and it only took a few minutes. Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Download the Jaidee App [Android] or iPhone.
  2. Complete the signup process by providing a valid e-mail address and password.
  3. Now register as a member

You’re ready to browse and create a listing on Jaidee App Marketplace!

  • on completion of merchant registration, you click into the menu - new merchant
  • each item you wish to list is completed as a new merchant/item

How Do I Sell On Jaidee App Marketplace?

Once you’ve created your account, selling items on Jaidee App Marketplace seems very simple.

Follow these steps:

  1. Click the new merchant/item button in your menu on the website or in the app.
  2. Take a photo of the item you want to sell or select a photo from your phone’s gallery. This will be the main [Logo] photo, but you can add more photos as well.
  3. Set your price or list the item as negotiable.
  4. Fill the description section in either English or Thai, you have the options to upload additional photos, a title, add to your description, and more.

Repeat these simple steps to list more items. If you’ve got questions about selling, visit the Selling On Jaidee App Marketplace category on their FAQ page.

What Can I Sell On Jaidee App Marketplace?

The short answer to this question is “almost anything”.

These are the categories listed on the Jaidee App website and in the app:

  • Cars
  • Electronics
  • Other Vehicles and Parts
  • Sports, Leisure, and Games
  • Home and Garden
  • Movies, Books, and Music
  • Fashion and Accessories
  • Baby and Child
  • Other
  • Free Stuff

Keep in mind that these are the categories, and hundreds of items fall under each category. If you’re not sure where to post an item, browse for a similar item in the app. You’ll likely see where that item is most commonly listed.

There will be a list of prohibited items listed in the Jaidee App Marketplace Community Guidelines. To make things easier for you, I’ve listed each specific item below instead of general categories. Keep these in mind when you’re planning to sell:

  • Alcoholic products
  • Tobacco
  • Illegal drugs
  • Prescription drugs
  • Pornography
  • Adult toys
  • Fossils
  • Skin and bones from endangered or protected species
  • All firearms, accessories, and ammunition
  • Airsoft, BB and other novelty guns that don’t have an orange safety tip
  • Mace, pepper spray, or tasers
  • Fireworks

This list seems a bit long, but it’s pretty standard for second-hand selling platforms. These items are usually prohibited because of state and federal laws about selling these items.

There are certain prohibited behaviors like spamming and harassment, too. Visit the Community Guidelines page for more details.

Potential Earnings On Jaidee App Marketplace

In this section, I’m going to cover two topics related to potential earnings. First, I’ll break down what can affect how much money you’ll make. These factors are applicable to any selling platform, so I think they’re great for everyone to know.

Earning Factors

Demand – The demand for the product you’re selling is one of the most important factors. For example, a used iPhone 8 is most likely going to be way more popular than a used iPhone 6.

Visibility – With Jaidee App Marketplace and similar outlets, you have to stand out from other buyers. There are several ways you can do this. I’ll discuss them in the tips section below.

Pricing – Pricing is another crucial thing you always need to consider. Let’s say you’re selling a pair of Nike shoes for $30. If someone else is selling the same shoes in similar condition for $20, they’re going to attract more buyers.

Condition – Naturally, the condition of your used items play a part in how much you’ll earn. You’d typically price like new or gently used items higher than moderately used items.

Market – If Jaidee App Marketplace is really popular where you live, you’ve got a bigger market to sell to. If it’s not well-known, it may take longer for you to land sales.

I also noticed that you don’t have to list items individually. If you’ve got a collection of Xbox games or children’s clothing, you can sell the items as a set.

This seems pretty handy for making quick sales.

Jaidee App Marketplace Payment and Fees

One of the most attractive features of Jaidee App Marketplace is that there are absolutely no fees to standard users. You don’t pay anything to list your items, and Jaidee App Marketplace asks you to list the commission rate that applies to the goods you're selling.

One of the biggest problems on large listing sites is that your items get lost in the crowd. We have developed promotional tools as optional in-app purchases ranging from A to Z for and categories for all items.  Jaidee also offers a platform for professional sellers such as car sales/hire Agents, Real Estate Agents, Telephone and computer companies.

Jaidee App Marketplace does not handle payments between buyers and sellers at this time but they are working on this integration. This makes it important to use caution with the payment methods you accept. Fortunately, it’s easy to be certain you’ll get the money you’re owed. I’ll offer some payment method tips in the section below.

Quick Tips For Using Jaidee App Marketplace

Before I wrap things up, I’d like to offer some simple tips for selling on Jaidee App Marketplace. These tips are based on the Jaidee App Marketplace FAQ, Safety Tips Page, some research, and my own experiences with selling used items.

Only accept cash payments or use PayPal if necessary. Jaidee App Marketplace discourages users from accepting cashier checks, Western Union, or any other type of wire transfers. Ask for cash payments to ensure a good experience. If you’re comfortable with PayPal, you can also accept payment through that platform.

You can meet buyers at home, work, coffee shops, popular shopping centers, and similar places. Ask a friend or family member to tag along, too.

Take quality photos for your listings. The photos you use for listings can make or break your sales. Always take clear photos in well-lit areas. Depending on the item, you may want to take several photos from different angles. If your items have any defects, make sure to photograph them.

Leave ratings for your buyers. When you rate buyers, you may increase your chances of getting seller ratings. Good seller ratings can make you seem more reliable and trustworthy to buyers. Make sure to leave positive and kind feedback for good experiences.

Write detailed and honest product descriptions. Cover all your bases when you write a product description. List the brand name, product features, measurements (if applicable), and so on. It’s also very important to be 100% honest with your descriptions. Don’t try to hide any flaws or defects. This could result in fewer sales and negative feedback.

Compare prices for items like yours. Before you create a listing, search for items like yours. You want to price your items competitively to attract buyers. And if you’re willing to negotiate prices, make sure to mention it in your listing.

Final Thoughts

It’s easy to see that the Jaidee App Marketplace is a great resource for selling used items. You can use it to quickly get some extra cash, and you’ll declutter your home in the process. The app offers the convenience of an online market with the fast results of selling in-person. It’s a true win/win situation for anyone.

If you like the idea of Jaidee App Marketplace.

No matter what you want to sell, it’s easy to find an option that’s perfect for you. We’ve hoped you enjoyed this Jaidee App Marketplace review. Thanks for reading!


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