Schools as causes

One of the things we have learned by looking around the world is that schools in many countries can register as a cause or charity.

We understand that in many countries the group that attracts the most enthusiastic support are the schools. Parents want their children to have the best facilities whilst they are learning and we at Jaidee App agree with this sentiment 100%. The children are our future, and all that, but seriously the more fun kids have, the better equipment schools have, the more our children will benefit. 

Jaidee App are adding schools of all types to our cause list so that we can help them get the equipment they need to improve the lives of the kids. Parents can select a school that has registered as a cause and raise funds through Jaidee App and their everyday shopping.

If you want to raise funds for your kids school ask them to apply to Jaidee App to open an account and then get active introducing your fellow parents into the scheme through the school so that they can also raise funds from distribution commission.

People As Causes

Sometimes it is not the school that needs our help but specific students. This might be due to an illness or condition they are experiencing that requires some extra support in terms of equipment or teaching needs. We have some existing causes that are fundraising for special children with specific needs. 

If you know of such a worthy cause you would like to help, then please apply to Jaidee App to register them as a cause.

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