Tourists and Jaidee App

We are fortunate enough to come from a great country that other nationalities wish to visit in very large numbers from around the world. We receive over 40 million visitors a year into this country and we would love for our visitors to get something from Jaidee App and also we hope they would like to give something back to the country they have enjoyed visiting.

Thai Bank Accounts

We can only send cashback to Thai bank accounts, so if you are a tourist and do not have a local account then your share of the reward will be 100% donation. Many of our local Thai and Expat members who do have Thai bank accounts also choose to give 100% to donation, so you will be in good company.

We hope that you as a visitor will use the Jaidee App as a guide to show you some of the best places to eat, drink or get services from. Please do still use your app or sticker so that you can generate donations to support the country you are visiting.


When you were presented with the Jaidee App you should have been shown a Jaidee App Sticker with a QR Code on it. These stickers are to be used if your phone has run out of battery power or you just want to move on quickly. Present this sticker to your cashier and they can scan this in seconds and you will raise funds for charity and support them through the Jaidee App. 

We are asking that you take 30 seconds to get your cashier to scan your transaction so that you can help put a smile on a person in needs face. We thank you in advance for helping by remembering to use your Jaidee App QR Code. 

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