Fixed(50 THB)

MSIG: Compulsory motor insurance (CMI) Compulsory motor insurance. Means that each car owner must provide insurance according to the coverage prescribed in the Act on the Protection of the Victims of Vehicle, 1992, namely car accident insurance "Insurance Act" is an insurance under the Motor Vehicle Accident Victims Act, BE 2535 (1992) requiring car owners who use cars or cars to use them to provide insurance. Acting unless the car is excluded from the bill, such as the car of the palace. The car for the King, the car of the Ministry, the Department, etc.) Ready to buy on MSIG website today !! By just following the 3 easy steps : - Easy for Online Purchase 24 hours a day. - Get the policy within 15 mins. - No need to send the documents. Just complete to fill in information on the MSIG's website. Advertising Fee : 50 THB for 1 Policy/Transaction Approve condition : - Online purchase completed. - Partner will get the advertising fee after the end user got the policy. Reject condition : - Online purchase not completed. - End user cancelled the policy or cancelled the purchase order. *** In case of cancellation the order after complete purchasing and the advertiser approved that order. ACCESSTRADE will change the status of Approved to Rejected and refund the reward. ***