MSIG: Baan Tan Rak home insurance Condo Easy plan. Baan Tan Rak home insurance Condo Easy plan for protecting property in the apartment. Ensure that your assets are safe at all times with the main coverage for the property inside the apartment such as furniture, electronics and electrical equipment inside the apartment, etc. Premium starting 1,100 baht per year. Protection of assets in the suite up to 1,000,000 baht. Protection property from damaged by fire, lightning, electric short circuit, including natural disaster. Protection for lost assets in the property from robbery and third party liability. Get paid according to the actual damaged but not more than the first loss coverage limit With 24 hours emergency assistance, free 1 service per year in a maximum limit of 1,000 baht per time Just call 02-305 8715 MSIG Emergency Home Assistance Commission rate : 6.5% Commission payment conditions - When insurance is purchased and paid completely paid. Commission refusal conditions - When the purchase of insurance is incomplete. - Customers cancel the purchase. **Brand bidding is prohibited. **Incentive traffic is accepted.