(5.6%) Individual purchase product(Calculate reward by Category)

AirRefresher(5.6%) Automotive(5.6%) BathRoom(5.6%) BeautySpa(5.6%) BedroomFurniture(7%) BestSeller(5.6%) Beverage_drinkpowder(5.6%) BodyCare(5.6%) Books(5.6%) Cabinet(7%) Calculator_Tools(5.6%) Cameras_Accessories(5.6%) Chair(7%) CleaningSupplies(5.6%) CleaningTools(5.6%) CleansingCar(5.6%) Coffee_Tea(5.6%) Colorsandaccessories(5.6%) Computer(5.6%) ComputerAccessories(3.5%) ConferenceandPresentation(5.6%) Constructionchemicals(5.6%) CookingAppliances(5.6%) CookingUtensil(5.6%) CuttingTools(5.6%) D.I.Y(7%) Decoration(7%) DentalCare(5.6%) DishCleanner(5.6%) DocumentCase(5.6%) Doors_Windows(5.6%) DrawingSupplies(5.6%) Earphones(5.6%) Electricalequipment(5.6%) Erasers_CorrectionProducts(5.6%) FactorySupplies(5.6%) Fashion(5.6%) FirstAid(5.6%) Folder_Equipment(5.6%) ForeignBooks(5.6%) Gadgets_Wearable(5.6%) GeneralSupplies(5.6%) Gifts(5.6%) GiftsSet(5.6%) GlueTape_PackingEquipment(5.6%) HairCare(5.6%) HandandFootCare(5.6%) Handtools_Accessories(5.6%) HomeAppliances(5.6%) HomeAudio(5.6%) HouseholdMedicine(5.6%) KitchenRoomFurniture(7%) Laundry(5.6%) LivingRoomFurniture(7%) MeasuringTools(5.6%) MedicalEquipment(5.6%) NetworkEquipments(5.6%) OfficeEletronics_Accessories(5.6%) OfficeFurniture(7%) OfficeService(5.6%) OfficeStationery(5.6%) OtherFurniture(7%) PackagingSolution(5.6%) PantryFood(5.6%) Paper(0.35%) Pencils_PencilLeads(5.6%) Pens_Refills(5.6%) PersonalCare(5.6%) PestControl(5.6%) Pets(5.6%) Phone_Tablet(5.6%) Phone_TabletAccessories(5.6%) Plumbingequipment(5.6%) Powersupplies(5.6%) Powertools_Accessories(5.6%) PowertoolsFactory(5.6%) PremiumProductSet(5.6%) Printer_Supplies(3.5%) Promotion(5.6%) Roof_ceiling(5.6%) SafetyTools(5.6%) Sanitaryware(5.6%) SeasonalProducts(5.6%) Shoes(5.6%) SkinCare(5.6%) SmartHome(5.6%) Sofa(7%) Software(5.6%) Sports_Outdoors(5.6%) Staplers_Punches(5.6%) Steels(5.6%) Sticker(5.6%) Storage(5.6%) Table(7%) Tableware(5.6%) ThaiBooks(5.6%) Toys_Collection(5.6%) Travel_Lifestyle(5.6%) TVDVDBluray_MusicPlayer(5.6%) Vitamin_Suppliment(5.6%) Voucher(0%) WarehouseSupplies(5.6%) Budget Type - Budget Cap - Description Office Mate To get 7% maximum of commission at OfficeMate - One stop business solutions You can shop conveniently 24 hours a day, see detailed pictures and product information. OfficeMate Product category: - Writing & Correction - Computer Supplies - Office Furniture - Office Stationery - Glue, Tape & Packaging - Paper, Pad & Envelope - Filing & Storage - Conference & Presentation - Business Machine - Factory & Maintenance - Canteen & Cleaning OfficeMate also offers many type services to support you likes You can easily check your order history. Get the1card point x2 when you purchase via online channel only. Receive products first, pay later. Click & Collect service is available. Convenient shopping on the website Pick up at the branch Give credit for up to 30 days, shop only 499.- free delivery Commission Rate: 7% based on the following category - 5.6% office equipment (paper goods will be 0.35%), - IT products 5.6% (printer and printer ink products will get 3.5%), = - cleaning supplies 5.6%, furniture 7 %, - Kitchen & Appliances 5.6%, - Pharmaceuticals 5.6%, - Factory Supplies 5.6%, - Electrical Appliances 5.6%, - Smart & Lifestyle 5.6%, - Gifts & Prints 5.6%, - Software & Services 5.6%, - Books & Entertainment. 5.6% ** Commission approval conditions: - When the purchase is completed and the product is not returned within 30 days and the commission will be earned from Product prices do not include tax. After discount (Including using eCoupon) ** Due to the Office Mate requirement to have UTM Tracking Code " ? utm_source = affiliate & utm_medium = affinterspace & utm_campaign = {psn} " "Append the URL, which, if not, will result in conversions. We encourage partners to check the destination link for UTM Code or not before promoting it." For the benefit of the Partner itself ** Brand bidding are prohibited Incentive traffic is accepted.