up to 3.5% commission

Se-ed book is the popular online bookstore which serves both book products and e-book products. It is easy and fast to search for your books. We offer many kinds of books to fit your requirement. Nowadays, you can easily choose and order the book and non-book products on our website.

Offer General Information:

  • No conversion capping for this offer.
  • This offer accepts worldwide traffic only.
  • You must only use creative material uploaded in InvolveAsia dashboard for this offer. Any self produced material should be approved in advance by The Advertiser.
  • Cookie Period: 15 days
  • Validation Period: 30 days on the following month 
  • Payment Term: 30 days after validation 

Commission Structure

3.5% - Books

2.1% - Electronic Gadgets

3.5% - Non Electronic Gadgets