Fixed(300 THB)

Thanachart Credit Cards and Flash Plus Choose any Thanachart credit cards and personal loans that fits your lifestyle and apply today! 3 credit cards with different main benefits: - Thanachart Drive Visa/Mastercard: 3.5% cash back from your fuel spending at any petrol stations around the globe throughout credit card membership period.* (no minimum spending/sms registration required) - Thanachart Max Visa Platinum: 0.8% cash back on every payments throughout credit card membership period.* - Thanachart Live Mastercard Platinum: 15%/year special interest rate for any outstanding balance throughout credit card membership period. Credit card debt balance transfer with 9.9% interest rate for 10 months* And 1 personal loan card that comes with 4 services. - Sabai cash: get cash and pay back with up to 60 months installment payment plan - Cash Transfer: 3% minimum payment only - Cash Advance: instant cash withdrawal - Smile Plan: 0% interest installment plan with various stores. Commission amount: 300 THB Required action: - Credit card applicants provide all required documents and pass Thanachart’s telesales verification that the application form is ready & can proceed to approval process. - The online application form must contain session id from AccessTrade affiliate link. Reject condition: - Credit card applicants do not pass these minimum requirements: salary below 20,000 baht or not willing to provide additional documents. - The online application form doesn't have session id from AccessTrade affiliate link.