FAQ – Cashback Tracking Support


1. Why didn't my purchase track?

     Whilst the clear majority of transactions do track, there will always be situations where, for instance, anti-spyware, anti-virus or other protection on your computer might prevent cashback tracking back to your account.

     If this happens, then firstly – don’t panic. Please wait at least a week or two – as some transactions take a little while to be reported to us by the merchants. If at this stage, the cashback has not tracked to your account, simply lodge a 'Missing Cashback Claim' and we'll be able to investigate it for you. The claim form should only take a few minutes to complete – but you will certainly need your order number as supplied by the merchant you purchased from.

     Having received your cashback claim, we will then chase up your cashback on your behalf with the merchants. The clear majority of claims are resolved successfully within 2 or 3 months. Even if your claim takes longer, we still expect to be able to resolve it in due course.

     Please note that you will not be able to earn cashback from two websites at once, so using both JaiDee App and another cashback site will not double the amount of cashback you should expect to receive.

2. How can I make sure I receive my cashback?

     Whilst the clear majority of transactions do track, there are situations where something can go wrong. This can be for several reasons including anti-spyware, anti-virus or other protection on your computer might prevent cashback tracking back to your account.

To aid successful tracking on your computer, please consider the following points:

  1. Always start your shopping journey at JaiDee App and complete the process from here. Do not click from JaiDee App after you have added items to your basket or generated a quote.
  2. Ensure that you purchase immediately after clicking through from JaiDee App. Do not click to any other sites during this process.
  3. Ensure that your internet browser and firewall/security software is enabled to allow cookies.
  4. You could try clearing the cookies stored on your computer before purchasing.
  5. Check that you don't have an adblocker active or turn this off during your JaiDee App visit.

     It is hard for us to advise on further specifics due to the number of factors which can affect tracking on a single computer, but we would advise one further step:

  1. Try another browser software package or computer to test your tracking.
  2. Make sure you're logged into your JaiDee App account when you make your purchase, otherwise we can't track it back to your account!

     If you have tried all these steps and you are still experiencing issues, please feel free to send us a Support Ticket using the link below and we can try and advise further.

3. What is a cookie and how do cookies work?

1.What is a cookie?

     Cookies are just small bits of information that are stored in your browser. Many websites use them to offer a personalised experience, show advertisements, and to improve your customer experience.

2.How do cookies work to track my donation / cashback?

     We use cookies to track your donation / cashback back to your account, so it's important that these are enabled in your browser. They simply store tracking information so that when you visit a merchant via JaiDee App and make a purchase, the merchant knows that you've come via our site and we receive the commission for your sale (which we pass your share onto you as cashback or a donation).

For the tracking to work, your browser must have these 'cookies' enabled.

4. How do I clear my cookies?

     To make sure that JaiDee App is classed as the 'Last Referrer' for a sale and so that we can track your purchases correctly, our cookie must be the last placed on your computer prior to a purchase.

     Other websites including comparison sites and voucher-code sites use cookies which can override the JaiDee App cookie, meaning that they get paid for your purchase instead of us - hence, you will not receive the cashback.

     Therefore, we advise that users should clear the cookies from their device prior to clicking through to JaiDee App to prevent another website from getting paid for your purchase.

To delete your cookies, follow these steps for your chosen browser:

Chrome Desktop
  • Open Chrome.
  • Click the Chrome menu (in the top right corner) and then go to Tools > Clear browsing data.
  • Change the time range to ‘the beginning of time’ and make sure the cookies check box is ticked.
  • Click Clear browsing data.
Chrome App
  • Open the Chrome App
  • Click on the three dots on the top right-hand corner
  • Press settings in the drop-down corner
  • Scroll down to Privacy and click on it
  • -Scroll to the bottom and click on 'Clear Browsing Data'
  • Choose the from to the 'Beginning off time' option and ensure Cookies and Site data are ticked and press clear data
  • Open Safari.
  • Click the Action menu (in the top right corner) and then go to Preferences.
  • Click on Privacy and then click Remove All Website Data.
Safari App
  • Open 'Settings’ on your iPhone / iPad
  • Scroll down and click on Safari
  • Click on 'Clear Cookies and Data'
  • Open Firefox.
  • Click the Firefox button (in the top left corner) and then go to History > Clear Recent History.
  • Change the time range to ‘Everything’ and make sure the Cookies check box is ticked.
  • Click Clear Now.
Internet Explorer
  • Open Internet Explorer.
  • Click the Tools button (in the top right corner) and then click Internet Options.
  • On the General tab, under Browsing history, click Delete.
  • Tick the Cookies and website data check box, and then click Delete.

5. How do I enable cookies in my internet browser?

     To enable cookies in your internet browser, follow the instructions below for the browser version you are using. Once you have enabled cookies, re-start your browser and visit this page again to ensure your tracking is enabled.

Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Select 'Internet Options' from the Tools menu.
  • Click on the 'Privacy' tab.
  • Click the 'Default' button (or manually slide the bar down to 'Medium') under 'Settings'.
  • Click 'OK'.
  • Close all open browser windows, then re-open and sign-in.
Mozilla Firefox
  • Go to the 'Tools' menu and click 'Options'
  • Click on the 'Privacy' tab.
  • Set the 'Firefox will:' option to: 'Use custom settings for history'.
  • Make sure 'Accept cookies from sites' and 'Accept third party cookies' are check marked.
  • Restart your browser to save these changes.
  • Close all open browser windows, then re-open and sign-in
Google Chrome
  • Click the button that is represented by three horizontal, black lines located at the top right of the browser.
  • A drop-down menu will appear. Click on settings and then click on the 'Show advanced settings' link at the bottom of the page.
  • The Privacy menu is displayed. Click on the Content settings button and the relevant menu will appear
  • Click 'Allow local data to be set (recommended)'.
  • Click 'OK'.
  • Close all open browser windows, then re-open and sign-in.
  • Press the 'F12' key on your computer keyboard.
  • Click on the 'Enable Cookies' option to place a tick next to it if one does not exist already.
  • Close all open browser windows, then re-open and sign-in.

6. Why can I see no mention of cashback in my account?

Cashback transactions may take a good few days to show up within your account pages.

     But if you have already waited more than 7 days after making your purchase and there is still no sign of your cashback, then the best thing to do is to lodge a Missing Cashback Claim and we'll be able to investigate it for you.

     Please be aware, though, that some JaiDee App transactions may take up to 60 days to track to your account, so don't worry if a transaction with this merchant isn't showing after 7 days.

     Please note, if your transaction has tracked, but with THB 0.00 cashback, then that is another matter (see appropriate link below).

7. Why has my cashback been replaced with THB 0.00?

     If your transaction is now showing as Payable at THB 0.00, this generally means that the merchant has declined the cashback or informed us that the purchase made is not eligible to cashback.

     We are not told the reason for the cashback being declined at this stage, but it may include one the following:

  • You cancelled or returned the order or part of the order. If you wish to lodge a Missing Cashback Claim, then please only submit this for the purchase value based on the items that you have retained.
  • You used an unauthorised promotional/voucher code not published by JaiDee App
  • You did not meet the merchant’s terms and conditions (see merchant’s page)
  • You asked for a quote but didn’t make a purchase
  • You used a saved/renewal quote to make your purchase

     If this has happened to you, and you genuinely can think of no reason why your cashback should have been declined, then the best thing to do is to lodge a Missing Cashback Claim and we'll be able to investigate it for you.

8. Why has my purchase amount been reported as THB 0.00?

     Some merchants seem not to pass through information on the purchase price. If your cashback is being reported, as expected, then this shouldn’t be anything to worry about.

     Some merchants will only pay cashback on the ex-VAT price and most won’t pay cashback on the delivery cost. This can mean that you have a lower purchase amount reported and consequently a lower Cashback amount.

     Where we have been informed that the ex-VAT price only is used we have added this to the Merchant Notes as a guide – but there may be several such merchants where this isn’t indicated.

     If you have found such a merchant, we encourage you to post a comment on their merchant page – thus informing other members.

     If you really feel that your Cashback is significantly less than you were expecting - and this isn't accounted for by the VAT, delivery and other such costs, then you might like to lodge a Missing Cashback Claim. When lodging your Claim, please let us know the background within the claim notes. Also, and IMPORTANTLY, please quote your FULL purchase price - but ONLY the cashback that you are missing. So, you are only claiming for your missing portion of cashback.

Thanks very much - we know that this is all a little complicated!

10. Why hasn't my cashback tracked at the correct amount?

     Firstly, has your Purchase Amount also tracked at a lower amount than expected? If so, please follow the relevant link below.

     If your purchase amount appears to be correct, but your cashback is lower than expected then it may be that the cashback deal offered by the merchant has recently changed. Please do let us know so that we may change the rate shown – although our systems should pick up any changes quickly.

     We apologise if you feel you have lost out for this reason – but from time to time our rates may become out of date – and this is normally through no fault of our own, as we are not always informed when merchants change their rates. You should hopefully have noticed the discrepancy quickly – in which case you should be able to return the item/cancel your policy if the cashback was very important to you.

     Rates are as likely to be revised upwards as downwards – but strangely, not a lot of people feel the need to tell us if they have received more cashback than expected!

     However, if you feel that your cashback is tracking lower than the rate displayed on the site at the time of your transaction, then please lodge a Missing Cashback Claim using the link below to enable us to investigate this further.

     Just to mention again though, we are very sorry if you feel you have missed out on some cashback because the rate has changed. We work hard to try to keep our rates up to date – but when listing hundreds of merchants, it is inevitable that from time to time the odd rate may become inaccurate.

11. Why has my cashback been declined? What can I do?

     If the cashback amount has been crossed out on one of your transactions, and it is showing in the 'declined' column of your Earnings page, this means that the merchant has marked your transaction as being ineligible for cashback.

     We may not know exactly why the merchant has reached this decision, but some possible reasons may include:

  • You cancelled or returned your order or part of your order
  • You used a promotional code or voucher code not approved by JaiDee App when making this purchase
  • You asked for a quote or browsed a merchant's website but didn't make a purchase.
  • You may have used a saved quote or a renewal quote to make this purchase
  • The merchant pays cashback to new customers only, and you have shopped with this merchant before (please see the merchant's page to see whether this applies)
  • You did not complete your order online i.e. it was finalised over the phone
  • You did not meet any other of the Terms and Conditions set by the merchant

     If your transaction has been declined, and you feel that it could not be for any of the reasons above, then please could you lodge a missing cashback claim from the Customer Care section of your account? We will then be able to investigate this with the merchant, so that we can try and resolve the issue or find out some more information for you.

12. Do I have to make my purchase immediately?

     Transactions must be completed immediately and wholly online via your JaiDee App account to be eligible for cashback.

     What this means is that you can't click through to a merchant and place items in your basket and then come back and purchase them at a different time. Or you can't generate a quote, save it, and then come back and purchase that saved quote.

     You can go back and make a purchase with the merchant if you want, but you must start the process from the beginning again, not using any previously saved quotes or shopping baskets.

     If you want to shop around and try and find the best deal, this is fine, but once you know where you want to make your final purchase from, we would advise that you clear your cookies before you complete it to ensure that your sale is credited to JaiDee App and not another website.

13. I wasn't logged in to my account when I made my transaction- is there anything I can do?

     Unfortunately, to be eligible for any cashback, you do need to ensure that you are successfully logged in to your account first and then complete your purchase immediately and wholly online.

     If you do forget to log in, then this does mean that there is no click record on your account to confirm that your transaction had started from JaiDee App. As such unfortunately we don't get paid any commission for this which equals no cashback. However, should you accidentally make this on the account of a friend or family member, although this should track as expected, we would not be able to transfer this over from one account to another. In these cases, you would need to leave this to progress on the account on which you had made this and then ask this member to request the cashback on your behalf before passing this on to you themselves.

     We realise that this might be disappointing when you accidentally forget so always double check you have signed in (and to your own account!) before you proceed with your shopping.

14. Lodge a missing cashback claim

     OK, so you need to lodge a Cashback Claim! We're sorry to hear that you seem to have a problem with one of your transactions, but hopefully we can resolve this for you via your claim.

     Please click the link below and continue to follow the links and instructions and you'll be able to lodge your claim.

     Please make sure you provide a specific unique order number or membership number in your claim. Without this information it is unlikely that the merchant will be able to trace your transaction, which makes it difficult to pursue your claim.

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